Cinnamon Strawberry Detox Water


It’s been a couple days now since I started detoxing and I feel amazing.! The first two days were the hardest, especially since I was so confused about what I should and shouldn’t eat, but with a little research and discipline I figured it out. On the third day I made this cinnamon and strawberry detox water and since then I’ve been drinking it for 3 days straight because it is amazingly refreshing and so addictive! I’m amazed at how good it tastes considering there was no sugar added, but it still has the right amount of sweetness to get me through the day.

I haven’t had any coffee, refined sugar or dairy these past few days and already I’m seeing changes in my skin and energy levels. I’m pretty sure the next few days of my detox will be a lot easier since I’m adjusting to the changes and seeing results.



34 thoughts on “Cinnamon Strawberry Detox Water

  1. u have made ma a fruit infused water addict KEEP THEM COMING GIIIRRRL loveee all the recipes and fooods KEEP EM COMING

  2. I’m going to the store tomorrow to get the lime. Haha, sadly I don’t have one at home. But I really want to try this! Thank you for posting it! 😀 I also thank pintertest for helping me find it. 🙂

  3. i ran into this on Pinterest..i only have one questions…can i put it in the fridge over night or just leave it on the counter??

  4. This will be my first detox. I am looking for feeling better and energize my body. So if you have more that will help let me know.

    1. This drink just increases the benefits of a separate detox diet, it does have detoxifying abilities because of the ingredients however if there is something specific you would like to achieve I recommend you look into what detox plan is best for you and then use it along with these detox drink recipes! Otherwise you can just drink this as a healthy alternative to juice/soda. Best of luck on your detoxing 🙂

  5. How often do you drink this water and how much? Example 8oz a day? Twice a day? Morning? Night? Thanks in advance

    1. Hello barbara! I drank this the same way I would have drank filtered/bottled water throughout the day so about 5 glasses before, during and after my meals . Feel free to drink as much or as little as you want, however I did see the most benefits from drinking it more frequently on a regular basis. Hope this helped!


      1. Yes you can substitute with whatever ingredient you like! And no you won’t live in the bathroom haha if anything it would make you regular which is a good thing, no need to travel with tissues 😉

  6. I wanna try this but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to squeeze the lime Into it or just add slices of lemon to it?

    1. You can actually do both! Squeeze a little bit of the juice in and then cut the slices. When you just add the slices and eat them the next day after it’s been steeped overnight you’ll notice that they’re almost flavourless, so it works both ways.


  7. After you let it steep, do you remove the fruit? Meaning, can I leave the fruit in it and keep refilling container with water?

  8. Can you substitute a lemon in place of the lime? (I have so many lemons in my home that I don’t know what do do with!!)

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